Sunday, December 4, 2016

Power BI - Creating a playable scatterchart like Hans Rosling

I created seven quick youtube videos on how to create a playable scatterchart like the one Hans Rosling created in his famous Ted talk.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Webpack vs SystemJS

Angular 2.0 finally released on September 15th. We started a new project in early October, so we decided to try it out. Pretty quickly the question came up, which module loader should we use for the new application?

The Angular 2.0 tutorials use SystemJS, except for a few pages referencing Webpack. So we started leaning towards SystemJS. Then I came across a webpack article in the Angular documentation: In it is says:

It's an excellent alternative to the SystemJS approach we use throughout the documentation

Well, if it is such an "excellent alternative" why wasn't it used in the documentation instead of SystemJS itself?

I also found this on Stack overflow.

Webpack is a flexible module bundler. This means that it goes further [edit: than SystemJS] and doesn't only handle modules but also provides a way to package your application (concat files, uglify files, ...). It also provides a dev server with load reload for development.
SystemJS and Webpack are different but with SystemJS, you still have work to do (with Gulp or SystemJS builder for example) to package your Angular2 application for production.

So Webpack can do more, point for Webpack.

And then I found this article

Angular 2 CLI moves from SystemJS to Webpack

Google itself is now using webpack? Game over, webpack wins.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Training Videos on the Redgate Developer Bundle

These videos will train you on every product in the Redgate Developer bundle, including SQL Prompt, SQL Source Control, SQL Data Generator, SQL Schema Compare, SQL Doc, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Search.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Top 5 Things You'll Learn From my PASS Summit Session

I don't want to give everything away, but if you come to my PASS Summit session, you'll learn and see demos explaining the following five bullets:

 1) When to use a JSON document store and when to use a relational store.

 2) When you need to use Azure Table Storage, and when you should use something else.

 3) You'll see demos for DocumentDB, Azure Table Storage, and Azure SQL Database.

 4) You'll see when to use Azure SQL Database or SQL on an Azure VM or both.

 5) You'll see Azure SQL Warehouse and why it's a unique data storage offering.

 Most importantly, at the end of this session, you'll understand your Azure data storage choices and why they can each play a pivotal role in your data architecture.

Friday, May 22, 2015

SSMS: Query Shortcuts

No reason to type out SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM or SELECT COUNT(*) FROM anymore

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crafting Bytes announces partnership with RedGate Software

Database Lifecycle Management 

Crafting Bytes is proud to announce a special partnership with RedGate software.

People have been talking about Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) for a while. It’s all about extending existing ALM practices like source control, continuous integration, and automated deployments to the database.

 Now I’m going to be talking about it in Philadelphia, San Diego, and Baton Rouge. Specifically, I’ll be running training workshops for Redgate on two aspects of DLM: Database Source Control and Automated Database Deployment. I’m really looking forward to this because Redgate have an amazing DLM solution that solves real problems bringing significant advantages to SQL Server professionals.

Want to know more? Visit Redgate’s workshop pages As a Redgate certified partner, I’m also happy to talk with you about your DLM needs. Feel free to contact me at